My new painting

This piece is a return to form, back to my earlier Rothko inspired roots/works, yet with my own twist.  Although a huge Rothko fan, I now wish to push the horizontal duo/trio-tone color patterns and add a third vertical dynamic, as well as more fragmented color schemes around the edges, in an attempt to perhaps offer new depth and character to the composition.  I’ve been on a deep dive into Jackson Pollock’s work this past year, which is reflected in my latest run of paintings, and I feel like I’m just now coming out of that phase. Interesting story – when I first painted “Mental Photograph” I had truly no knowledge of who Mark Rothko was until a couple painter/friend’s saw my post on social media and commented that the painting reminded them of early Rothko.  I said, “who’s that…?”  Thus began a wonderful and frightening discovery for me.  On one hand I felt very excited to naturally gravitate towards a painting style of arguably one of the greatest painters ever to live, yet at the same time was worried that people would think I was blatantly copying him. Since then, I’ve researched him deeply, visited his works in every gallery I could, and ultimately fell in love.  I guess I could say the same about Pollock.  Both of them have a had a profound influence on me. I’m acutely aware of trying not to replicate or copy their respective style(s).  Fortunately, with time and experimentation, I believe I’ve discovered that I actually prefer the direction I’m heading in. Again, re Rothko and this latest piece, of adding a vertical element along with light touches of fragmented colors that hopefully complement. I’m still so hypnotized by the raw power of two or 3 dominant horizontal colors that complement each other and radiate a powerful and beautiful emotional feeling. It’s hard to get away from that completely.  At least not for the foreseeable future. – BB read more