My new painting

This piece is a return to form, back to my earlier Rothko inspired roots/works, yet with my own twist.  Although a huge Rothko fan, I now wish to push the horizontal duo/trio-tone color patterns and add a third vertical dynamic, as well as more fragmented color schemes around the edges, in an attempt to perhaps offer new depth and character to the composition.  I’ve been on a deep dive into Jackson Pollock’s work this past year, which is reflected in my latest run of paintings, and I feel like I’m just now coming out of that phase. Interesting story – when I first painted “Mental Photograph” I had truly no knowledge of who Mark Rothko was until a couple painter/friend’s saw my post on social media and commented that the painting reminded them of early Rothko.  I said, “who’s that…?”  Thus began a wonderful and frightening discovery for me.  On one hand I felt very excited to naturally gravitate towards a painting style of arguably one of the greatest painters ever to live, yet at the same time was worried that people would think I was blatantly copying him. Since then, I’ve researched him deeply, visited his works in every gallery I could, and ultimately fell in love.  I guess I could say the same about Pollock.  Both of them have a had a profound influence on me. I’m acutely aware of trying not to replicate or copy their respective style(s).  Fortunately, with time and experimentation, I believe I’ve discovered that I actually prefer the direction I’m heading in. Again, re Rothko and this latest piece, of adding a vertical element along with light touches of fragmented colors that hopefully complement. I’m still so hypnotized by the raw power of two or 3 dominant horizontal colors that complement each other and radiate a powerful and beautiful emotional feeling. It’s hard to get away from that completely.  At least not for the foreseeable future. – BB read more


When we were young
The songs that we’d sing
About songs we’ll never sing
We were on it and we’re not done
Truth be told it’s not what it seems
Hanging by a rope
We were on it until we fell off
And it’s alright as you walk on the outside
An you wait for the vampires
And it’s goodbye
To your tired old life
As you walk with the vampires
Well I don’t know these things that you know
Teach me I will learn
I was eager until I got burned
I don’t like the look in your eye walking out the door
You were bleeding and I was your whore
And it’s alright as you walk on the outside
And you wait for the vampires
And it’s goodbye to your tired old life
As you walk with the vampires
We want to know
Do you care?
We are vampires
Yeah it’s alright
Just sit there an sleep tight
As you wait for the vampires
and it’s goodbye to your tired old life
As you walk with the vampires yeah read more

Better Days

When are these planes gonna land
I’m all torn up inside from memories lost
I never really cared
When are these demons gonna go
Stored away in my head I know
When are my friends
Gonna be home
I don’t even know what to say about this
Hell I don’t even know how to act
Well I’ve seen I’ve seen better days Oh boy
Well I’ve seen I’ve seen better days
Turn it up a little bit
When you gonna give up
On this stupid dream that sucks
Stop torturing yourself boy
Cause it’s never gonna be fun
If you don’t let it out
I’ve seen better days read more

This Too Shall Pass

I heard the bird’s chirp
And the dog’s bark
I heard the rustling of the leaves
I heard the wind and the lawnmower
And the chatter of the trees
Oh plane overhead and chainsaw through the wood
With your distant calming hum
I leaned into the future
Then fell into the past
The monkey had me for a minute in his grasp
I heard my breathe
And let it all go

It Just Goes On

I don’t know what it’s like
I don’t know if it’s right away
I don’t know, it feels light
Someone to carry you home
Someone to make it ok
I’m so tired of being alone
Always lost in my way
And it just goes on
Yeah it just gets harder
Like that broken dream of your distant father
Yeah you married too young
You didn’t know what you find
Everyday is a waterworld
Every note is just right
And it just goes on
I know just what you’d say
Always taken a different road
You’re gonna find a new way
Something to put you at ease
Something to make it go away
I just wish you’d pick up the phone
I wanna hear what you’d say
And it just goes on
Yeah it just gets harder
Like the American dream of your founding fathers
Yeah you wanted it all
You didn’t know what you’d find
Everyday is a wonderwall
Every note it’s just life
And it just goes on and on and on
Like a movie calms ya down
And it all just turns around
And it Just goes on
Yeah you just get higher
Like a mountain stream and a lotus flower
Yeah you wanna stay young but it takes all this time
Everyday is a miracle
Every moments just right
And it just goes on read more