Crawling Back To You



released December 1, 2017
Produced by: Brad Byrd, Ali Nikou, John Kimbrough, Matt Pendergast
Recorded by: Ali Nikou, John Kimbrough
Mixed by: John Kimbrough
Mastered by: Hans DeKline
Vocals: Brad Byrd
Percussion/drums/programming: Brad Byrd, John Kimbrough
Guitars: Brad Byrd, Ali Nikou
Bass: John Kimbrough
Synth: John Kimbrough, Matt Pendergast
Piano: John Kimbrough

Highest Mountain


Released June 23, 2017

All songs written by Brad Byrd
© 2017 Rockport Music Publishing

Produced by: Brad Byrd, John Kimbrough, Scott Seiver
Mastered by: Nate Wood
Special thanks to Matt Pendergast for the direction and ears, and to the Elusive Tiger team
Album art design (front): Zoe Erwin
Album art design (back): Nicole Ellsworth
Sleeve photography: Beate Pilgreen

2000 Miles – Single

2016 Holiday release

(The track is a cover of “The Pretenders” single “2000 Miles”)

Los Angeles, CA – Singer/songwriter/producer Brad Byrd releases his first ever holiday/tune. Byrd chose to cover “2000 Miles” by the Pretenders due to the childhood memories it evoked while growing up on the east coast. Byrd lists Chrissie Hynde’s as being one of his most inspirational voices.

Please check out Byrd’s warm stripped down acoustic rendition here first EXCLUSIVELY on bandcamp! Happy holidays… xo, ETC read more

Back To Nowhere

“Back to Nowhere” infuses the perfect blend of indie-rock and alternative country in one infectious rock track. The song was recorded and produced in Los Angeles over the past 2 months with producer John Kimbrough (Tenacious D, Walt Mink) and features Byrd on drums/percussion, guitars, and vocals. The song captures the humble reality of how life always seems to take you back to that place of surrender and starting over, and was inspired by years of touring and coming off the road to feel like you never left at all. read more

Mental Photograph

Livewire 04:49
New York (free) 04:34
Hourglass 04:20
Brad Byrd’s “sophomore” release- 2nd official full length LP

*Indie rock/alt-country singer/songwriter Brad Byrd’s critically acclaimed debut album “The Ever Changing Picture” charted on, with the single “Never Came Back” claiming the #1 downloaded track title edging out Jewel, Damien Rice, and Jason Mraz (amongst many other “names”). An unheard of occurrence for an artist on an indie label back then (2005). The popular indie rock radio station WBER Rochester, NY favored another single off that record “Weird Enough” seen here charting at #145 amidst some major label talent,
Various other radio stations, both non-com and com, have spun some tracks over the years such as “92.5’s The River” whom have showcased Brad’s music several times. Brad’s debut album also landed a national “in-store” distribution deal through Navarre/ADA with big box placement in “end-caps” at major retail stores from Best Buy to Newbury Comics.
Since the release in 2005, Brad has toured across the country and parts of Canada, mainly focusing on developing his core following in Los Angeles, CA, New York City, and New England.
Various tracks have been licensed for use by major film/tv networks and music supervisors read more

The Ever Changing Picture

Born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Brad Byrd knew from an early age that music was his calling. During his years at Syracuse University, he refined his songwriting skills and found his voice. While in college, he formed a bond with fellow students Adam Cohen (son of the legendary Leonard Cohen) and Pete Yorn. After graduation, they would go their separate ways with Brad relocating to New York where he would find his own way cutting demos and immersing himself in the East Village music scene. Life in NYC would form the genesis of The Ever Changing Picture and fuel tracks like “Better Days”, “Weird Enough” and “Driven”. read more