Mental Photograph

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Brad Byrd’s “sophomore” release- 2nd official full length LP

*Indie rock/alt-country singer/songwriter Brad Byrd’s critically acclaimed debut album “The Ever Changing Picture” charted on, with the single “Never Came Back” claiming the #1 downloaded track title edging out Jewel, Damien Rice, and Jason Mraz (amongst many other “names”). An unheard of occurrence for an artist on an indie label back then (2005). The popular indie rock radio station WBER Rochester, NY favored another single off that record “Weird Enough” seen here charting at #145 amidst some major label talent,
Various other radio stations, both non-com and com, have spun some tracks over the years such as “92.5’s The River” whom have showcased Brad’s music several times. Brad’s debut album also landed a national “in-store” distribution deal through Navarre/ADA with big box placement in “end-caps” at major retail stores from Best Buy to Newbury Comics.
Since the release in 2005, Brad has toured across the country and parts of Canada, mainly focusing on developing his core following in Los Angeles, CA, New York City, and New England.
Various tracks have been licensed for use by major film/tv networks and music supervisors

Brad’s sophomore effort/album is entitled “Mental Photograph” (released in the fall of 2011) and has quickly caught the attention of industry veterans such as “The New Music Tip Sheet’s” Scott Perry, who took the time to listen and state to Brad that the album “sounded great”. Popular European online music website “” recently voted the album as the “Best singer/songwriter album of 2011” beating out heavyweights such as Bon Iver and Ryan Adams!? One of the most recognized Los Angeles based film/tv placement licensing co’s “Aperture Music” heard the album and quickly offered Brad a deal representing the 11 tracks to a major Hollywood film/tv community. You can see Brad’s extensive list of television & film placements below, most recently landing 2 new songs on ABC’s hit comedy “Happy Endings”. All of this early buzz has generated the interest of Los Angeles based film co. “Mind Venture Pictures” who recently flew out to Cape Ann, MA to shoot a video for the first single off the new record “Zero to the 101”

Brad’s voice, sound, and song-writing stylings are often compared to Lou Reed, The Jayhawks, Pete Yorn, Beck, Wilco, The Church, Nada Surf, Evan Dando, Aimee Mann, and The Wallflowers. Brad has shared the stage with a wide range of successful touring acts such as Gold Motel, Family of the Year, Reel Big Fish, Brian Wright, Buddy, Jurassic 5, Mary Lou Lord, Adam Ezra, Adam Cohen, Goldspot, Julian Velard, Wakey Wakey and many others worthy note. Brad performs roughly 150+ shows a year. His live show solo, and or with band is simply not to be missed! 


released September 13, 2011

Recorded and Produced by:
Steve Scully at Yellowsound, Cambridge, MA.

Mixed by Steve Scully, except:
“Zero to the 101” mixed by: Jon Lupfer
“On My Way Down” mixed by: Scott Riebling
“Train Tracks” mixed by: Bryan Cook

Mastered by: Fred Kevorkian

Songs written and arranged by: Brad Byrd

Drums/percussion: Steve Scully
Guitars: Matt Pynn & Brad Byrd
Bass: Joe Klompus
Keyboards/programming: Steve Scully
Vocals: Brad Byrd & Steve Scully

Album cover art: Brad Byrd

Album design: Ivan Depena (Airboat Studio)

Photos by: Marnie Valley Byrd at Hotel Chelsea, New York City & Pigeon Cove, Rockport, MA

copyright 2011, Rockport Music Publishing/Elusive Tiger records