“Singer/Songwriter Album of the Year!”


“With his latest single ‘It Just Goes On’ Brad Byrd earns his seat in the pantheon of singer/songwriters with a soulful, searing embodiment of heartfelt clarity the likes of Peter Yorn, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder and Kurt Vile. Yet, I don’t even like to compare, because then it begins to cheapen my experience to that of carving out just another commercialization of an artist’s creativity for mass marketing vs. immense enjoyment! It’s obvious from Brad’s other successes that I am not the first individual to recognize how Brad rasps his way thru song as easily as if it’s the spoken word. The lull of the lyrics are so hypnotic I have to pry my eyes open to see what I’m hearing–and then I witness this obvious intimate relationship he has with his guitar. I gotta tell you–it makes me blush–as if I’m a voyeur! It’s impossible though just to be an onlooker–I’m hooked! I’m in his world! Brad Byrd will be often imitated, but never duplicated and now that I’ve found him, I’ll know his music whenever I hear it, wherever I go. “It Just Goes On” will undoubtedly go down in time–as well, just timeless!”

– Kathy Griffin (Los Angeles, publicist)

“Add Rockport with its new, acoustically spectacular Shalin Lui Performance Center, along with top artists like Paula Cole and Brad Byrd and you’d have to give Cape Ann a fighting chance for the title of Live Music Capital of the World.”

– Peter Van Ness (The Noise)

“I’ve been a big fan of Brad Byrd ever since his fantastic debut album “The Ever Changing Picture” that was released in 2005. Love his mix of traditional singer/songwriter rock with a portion of pop that makes it both classic and fresh. He’s back with a new album called ” Mental Photograph” that is equally as good”

– Johan Wippsson (Sweden’s

“Casually incredible”

– Cynthia Cisco (consultant @ 92.5 The River, Boston, MA)

“We loved your set, It was a pleasure having you…”

-Diane Gentile, ( GM @ Bowery Electric) New York, NY

“I’ve been listening to your new cd like crazy!”

– Cat Wilson (The Cheap Seats radio show) Cape Cod, MA

“Byrd’s gruff, becalmed voice, which is equal parts Michael Stipe and Eddie Vedder, resulting in a sound that often recalls early R.E.M. The Ever Changing Picture demonstrates that Brad Byrd is talented.” (4 stars)

– All Music Guide

“#1 downloaded singer/songwriter”


“Never Came Back has a got a hook a country mile long. I have done a thorough listening to “The Ever Changing Picture”, the whole album runs deep. What ear candy! Any guy that can rhyme Los Angeles with Handle This gets my Vote.”

– Dave Chaney AAA Radio

“Modern day Neil Young”

– iTunes (5 stars)

“Not only a talented singer and musician, Byrd is also a canny businessman, releasing ‘The Ever Changing Picture’ through his own Rockport Publishing venture, but given the current popularity of Ryan Adams and Pete Yorn, there’s no reason why Byrd couldn’t soon match their success on a suitable label such as Lost Highway.”…

– Andrew Ellis

“One of the most intriguing new independent artists I’ve had the pleasure to hear in ages. ‘The Ever Changing Picture’ is an undiscovered gem.”

– Andrew Ellis,

“Debut album will leave you changed”