The Ever Changing Picture

Born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Brad Byrd knew from an early age that music was his calling. During his years at Syracuse University, he refined his songwriting skills and found his voice. While in college, he formed a bond with fellow students Adam Cohen (son of the legendary Leonard Cohen) and Pete Yorn. After graduation, they would go their separate ways with Brad relocating to New York where he would find his own way cutting demos and immersing himself in the East Village music scene. Life in NYC would form the genesis of The Ever Changing Picture and fuel tracks like “Better Days”, “Weird Enough” and “Driven”.

“Do I stay in New York city, Should I move to LA, Does she love me or does she hate me, Should I’ve given it all away and have I made a big mistake” – “The Ever Changing Picture”

In pursuit of his muse, Brad packed up his life in New York and made the leap heading out to Los Angeles, in hopes of re-connecting with his college buddies and finding a producer that could mold his vision. Brad met Evan Frankfort, producer/guitarist for The Wallflowers and Jayhawks, and The Ever Changing Picture would finally be fully realized. Working with Evan, he crafted a sound that accurately reflected his songwriter influences; Lemonhead’s “Great Big No”, “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” era The Cure, Pearl Jam “Black” and Coldplay “Yellow”, to name a few. At the heart of the album are songs of uncertainty and longing, of choices and consequences and the fervent hope that eventually it all works out.

Brad understood early on the new parity in promoting music on the Internet and before signing with Free Agency Recordings has been actively selling his music on leading independent vanguard sites such as itunes, awarestore, and CD Baby. He charted three songs on including reaching the #1 most downloaded track spot with “Never Came Back”. A feat almost unheard of for an independent artist. Brad has toured across the nation with 2004 highlight performance to a sold out 3,000 plus crowd at Vail Colorado’s Ford Ampitheatre. Music from The Ever Changing Picture has appeared in television shows, theatrical movies and much more.